Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hello out there.

How are things in the rest of the world? Here where I am, it's freezing cold! The weather was making a turn for the better, then it got all rainy and gross out today. Oh well. It's foretasted to get nice on Wednesday again, but then it's saying it's going to snow again! We live so high up on the mountains that it will probably rain at our house(Just when all the snow finished melting from the last snow. Needless to say I'm ready for the hot weather to set in.

I finally finished messing around with the layout of the blog. Not that anyone actually reads this, but it still makes me feel better.

I read Green Chic. A book I picked up on my recent trip to Edmonton to look for apartments. I really liked it, not only does it give a lot of tips for being good to the earth, it gives you TONS of tips about being good to you and what to look for when you are buying things, and the WHY. Things are put into prospective. I'd recommend it for anyone who is at all interested in conservation or their own personal health.

Anyways. I'm out of time as I need to be getting back to my house.