Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cough. Wheeze.

So I finally bought a thing of cod liver oil. I went to the store and asked the person working their opinion, which I lucked out and got to talk to the specialist. This chick gave me like a 10 minute run down on the stuff.

So she finally left it at, this one is probably this best for your, most bang for your buck with what they had there "Plus it's got great flavors". I can deal with flavors I thought, and got the peach one. Because I like peach flavored things okay?

Let me just say. I ate a wonderful dinner of home style noodles and cheese, which included 1/3 smoked gouda, and a little bit of parmesan for good measure. Which was totally delicious! With a big glass of milk, and I read the bottle while I was eating, It says right on the bottle to eat it with food, so I figured why not just have some now?

OH MY GOD! Why did no one warn me even though it's flavored it tastes like crap!!!! Let alone the fact that I didn't even think about it being an oil and STICKING TO MY THROAT ON THE WAY DOWN!!!

Eugh! I chugged the rest of my milk and stared at the bottle with hate for a few minutes, but I'm over it now.

So. Anyone who's thinking about taking cod liver oil read this!!! It's great for you, tons of benefits. But remember, even though it's flavored, you are most likely not going to enjoy it, or even like it a little bit.

Other than that. I had an okay day today.

How was your day?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What I've been working on...

So. A while ago I was fired as I said in here.

I also said that I wanted to sell some things.

That list includes!

Hammocks(For just lounging, and for camping)
And reusable produce bags

I always see tons of colorful, fun, easy to carry totes, and other grocery shopping bags, but product and bulk bags always seem to be that ugly plastic. And the only reusable ones I can find are this ugly green mesh. So my mum and I came up with the idea of these bags:

What do you think?


Is my birthday! It's been the best one so far.

Rene made me a card, and it made me so happy I cried, then I got hugs from everyone at school, and one girl even got me a balloon.

It's been Amazing!

Thanks to everyone who made it what it was.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Golly my life is getting away without me.

I've been busy.

A busy little bee.

Rene got a job at save-on in the bakery(Yay!) But I just got fired from my job the night before last(Boo!)(My boss phoned me around 7 at night and said "I hired my friend who speaks vietnamese so you don't have to come to work anymore" So I hung up on him.)


I'm going to be trying to sell some things on-line. I will be giving you a sneak preview.

But I have totally lost my train of though and will continue this post tomorrow.

Good evening everyone.