Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Apologies on the lack of posting, life has been absolutely crazy lately, we are moving.

Which for us, is involving a lot of headaches. BUT! Fear not, we have a place to live lined up, all of our belongings are being moved up to Edmonton tomorrow.(They will be living at my uncles house for a little bit while we wait to get up there. Plus It's all going in one big trailer) Now we just have to survive with a suitcase of stuff each until we get our butts up there. The crappy thing is we have to go to Edmonton this weekend so that we can sign the lease, or we can't have the place, but ya know, what ya gonna do about it(I know driving is terrible, but once I've moved I promise I'll try my hardest not to.)

Anyways, on to whats new.

There are virtually no paper products in our house! We use napkins for dinner, and have cloths for cleaning. I've also made up a box of "reuse-able tissues" and butt wipes(I only use them for #1 and Rene doesn't use them at all to be honest) When I was making the tissue ones(we don't mix the two) Rene actually asked me if we could still please buy toilet paper for him. But he's totally okay with the nose wipes. We have almost ZERO chemicals in the house. The only thing we have really is Rene's Shampoo and body soap that he got for his birthday last year. He's going to keep using shampoo and if he wants to I'm not going to fight him. We are trying really hard not to use plastic bags and the only time one comes home is either if we are in town and shopping and we don't notice that we've picked up what we bought in a plastic bag till we are out of the store(It's happened when we are talking about something) Or when Rene has to go grocery shopping without me(I keep my bags in my car, I need to get him a set of them to have(And we need to get him a backpack but that's another story. We've been trying to follow our new neighbors around and turn off all the lights after them and whatnot, but it's easier said than done(They leave the door to the house wide open some nights for peat sake!) It's hard to survive without lights on here since it's our only source of light being in the dank cold windowless basement, but that will change soon enough!

I got the books that I ordered the yesterday. The list includes:

The Urban Homestead
Nourishing Traditions
Wild Fermentation

The Urban Homestead I've only read maybe the first 100 pages, but it is PACKED with great info! I will most certainly be implementing many things from this book when we move. I really really really would like to grow our own lettuce for salads, I always find when I buy a head of lettuce it always winds up in the very back of the fridge going bad, then I find it and get angry that I didn't use it. I think growing my own would solve that very well, because who doesn't love to eat food fresh?

I had to order Nourishing Traditions again, I lent the other copy I had out to a friend, and had actually planned on giving a copy to her, but she's had the original copy for over 2 months now so I figured it was time to cut my losses and get a new one for me. I'm so happy it's back. I have stock bubbling on my stove right now(I'll freeze it to move it with us.) I really really reallllllly want to try making kvass, I have no idea why but it sounds absolutely DELICIOUS!(I'll probably hate it when I make it.

And finally Wild Fermentation, It looks good so far, the book has a small bit on making your own cheese, so I'm pretty much sold on it. It has alot of similar ideas to the nourishing traditions, but seems to expand upon it more, there is a Big section on wines and vinegar which is cool to me, I could end up making my own vinegar for washing my hair! That's kinda exciting to me. That would be ecologically sounds AND be far better for me than plain ol white vinegar.

Speaking of hair I'm still shampoo free(2 month and counting), I only use handmade soap that I know what's in it, I moisturize with coconut oil(LOVE IT!) and I also use coconut oil for just about everything!

We've been trying to eat healthy here, it's hard, the food at work is terrible and I don't have the time or patience to deal with cooking. I basically feel sick all the time, I've ruined myself on normal food and I'm okay with that to be honest. I'm hoping We can grow enough food on our new balcony to cut our grocery costs abit(alot) when we move...

Anyways this is really long, and I'm worn out from moving stuff and being a big stressball!

Peace out boys and girls. We will talk to you all later.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Oh golly jeeze.

Wow, so, last week the upstairs of the house we are living in became, habited(I'm not sure if that is a word, I'm just trying to say some peopole moved in upstairs), They've taken over the whole house, It's just plain stupid.

They moved all of our furniture we had on the deck, they've FILLED the laundry room with their own clothes(and it's PACKED in) They constantly have water on, they ALWAYS HAVE EVERYLIGHT IN THE HOUSE ON, they stomp around all the time, they've helped themselves to my parking spot and they are just plain rude.

They are so messy, and inconsiderate it's killing Rene and I. Now I'm not complaining I'm just stating.

The nice thing is that I'm acutally housesitting for some people right now so I don't have to be home all that often. Plus we are moving in like 2 weeks.

BUT I'm out of time becuase I have to go with Alian to violin in an hour and I haven't done anything of the sort of getting ready since I got up.