Sunday, May 23, 2010

My hikers :)

I love my hiking boots. :)

I was walking to the store in them the other day while it was raining and the poor things were like a sieve, I haven't waterproofed them in about 3 years. I got some water proofing and cured that lickety-split.

I've had my hikers since I was 14, almost 10 years now.

They are still in great shape.

They have lived though lots, a summer of mowing grass at a golf course, which gave me a very weird tan line on my ankles :)

I used to wear them to the ski hill everyday, just untied.

They used to go though shoe laces like they were going out of style, but when I was younger my aunt gave me a pair of leather shoe laces, and I haven't had to change them since. They did break once, but I was able to tie them back together.

They still look fairly new for the most part, they do not look 10 years old.

They are still comfortable, very.

They are awesome.

I'm so happy that my mum insisted I get some nice leather hikers instead of some crappy cheap fabric ones which were "cooler" I've probably saved around $1000 NOT buying hikers over the years, plus... well I haven't been buying hikers and we all know how green no buying stuff is. :)

Do you own anything that you've had for years and still love?

I did not get the job.

So I talked to rick on monday, and right off the bat he said to me "I just have to tell you, and I'm really sad about this, one of the pastry chefs from the winter called my earlier today and took the job I was offering you."

So basically the decision was made for me. I had been of the mindset that I was going to take the job and not see Rene all summer, and I think we were both getting used to the idea, but then it was gone. I can't say I'm terribly upset about it. I'm relieved actually.

Because I'm next up on the list if rick ever needs someone, so basically next time a pastry chef is needed, he will be calling me. :) Which is nice, but then I'll be in the same situation, I'll be taking a job that will allow me to have no home life what-so-ever.

Which is sad, but it will be helping my career by leaps and bounds... which is good right? Money over happiness, my mother would be proud.

(Sorry about all this I really need to vent)

I've come to realize, my mother and I have very very different wold views. I'm of the happiness is everything vein of life whereas my mother is of the money rules all vein of life.

For example, yesterday my mother called and we haven't talked in a while because she was just in Hawaii with my dad for 3 weeks(How hard for them :P)so she asked about my new job, I told her that I love it and that my hours have just changed, before I was working 6 hours a day for 4 days a week, now I'll be working 8 hours a day for 3 days a week, which both Rene and I are fine with, I'm happy, I love my job, I'm where I want to be in life, and at home. After hearing this my mum promptly asked where I was going to be applying for my second job, so I said "I'm not getting one..." To which she said "Oh, are you sick lately?"(Which means "The only reason you could possibly have for not working AT LEAST 40 hours a week is that you are terminally ill") So I said that no I wasn't. So she said "Well, I don't see how that can work... you'll never survive."

We just "Survived" and entire winter on Rene's part time job. Granted we had to borrow money from my parents a few times, but for the most part we did it ourselves. Why is it so hard for my mum to see that I'm happy where I am. I never ever want to talk to her about money or jobs, it just upsets me and she makes me feel like a bag of dirt. I love my mum and we really get along great, a used to go to the bar with her all the time when we worked together. She's fun, we just can't talk about work. Ever.

At least that's my only beef with my mum, I'm lucky. :)

Just needed to vent.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why with the hard decisions...

How on earth did this happen?

Yesterday when I logged onto my email, I found a lovely little note from the head of food and beverage for CMH. They want me to work for them. Full time. For the summer and hopefully for the winter.

I have never really heard of this happening, first I have never heard of someone being asked to work there, and second I have never heard of someone being asked to work full time right off the bat.

It's a HUGE opportunity. And I really don't want to pass it up.

BUT I don't know if I'll be happier there or here.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What is up with Q?

I'm glad you asked. :)

-I'm working now, at a chocolate shop, which is exactly where I wanted to be right now, so I'm very very pleased with that. My boss is crazy, but it's okay, I'm pretty sure I won't even have to see her in like a week.

-I HAVEN'T USED SHAMPOO IN OVER A YEAR! Awesome. My hair feels AMAZING. And I used some henna dye a few weeks ago, it's all washed out now, but it did a GREAT job. I loved it.

-I quit taking birth control. I'm now using the billings ovulation method. I'm not FULLLLLLY using it yet because of my system being all messed up from taking the pill before, but it's starting to come around. :) I feel more in control of my emotions now which is nice.

-The only "personal hygiene" product I use is moisturizer, and only because I already owned them, once I'm out I'm going to be making my own.

-I'm still continuing to be awesome.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm so hardcore I should just dress in mud!

THAT IS RIGHT! I'm super hardcore. And when I say that I should let you know, I mean I'm a hardcore cyclist now. :)

I started biking to school at the beginning of march(You know, when there wasn't snow on the ground in Edmonton) which was SO SO SO amazing. I would bike to school at 5:30 am and then go and sit in the sauna for like 30 minutes, have a shower then do some homework and go to class. You can't even imagine how great you feel after all that. I LOVED IT. But now that school is over I don't have a sauna to sit in every morning, so I've been biking to work which takes me... maybe 10 or 15 minutes depending on where I have to stop for lights and stuff like that.

I must say, biking is SO much better than taking the bus. I always end up with a nasty headache whenever I take the bus to the mall and back home, but when I bike I just feel... well not great, but a lot better. :)

I just wish that driving on the road wasn't so darned scary. People from Edmonton DO NOT like to share the road.