Saturday, June 6, 2009

Oh golly jeeze.

Wow, so, last week the upstairs of the house we are living in became, habited(I'm not sure if that is a word, I'm just trying to say some peopole moved in upstairs), They've taken over the whole house, It's just plain stupid.

They moved all of our furniture we had on the deck, they've FILLED the laundry room with their own clothes(and it's PACKED in) They constantly have water on, they ALWAYS HAVE EVERYLIGHT IN THE HOUSE ON, they stomp around all the time, they've helped themselves to my parking spot and they are just plain rude.

They are so messy, and inconsiderate it's killing Rene and I. Now I'm not complaining I'm just stating.

The nice thing is that I'm acutally housesitting for some people right now so I don't have to be home all that often. Plus we are moving in like 2 weeks.

BUT I'm out of time becuase I have to go with Alian to violin in an hour and I haven't done anything of the sort of getting ready since I got up.