Wednesday, October 28, 2009


and I love it...

So... a brief update on moi:

I have been eating terribly, on weekends I eat totally from work, and I make enough so I can bring it home for Rene too.

School has taken over my life and I love it.

After my washing mishap at the beginning of the month(I'll tell you about this one in a minute) a bunch of the people in my class have offered to clean my uniform for me, Kendra has been doing it for me since. I am so thankful for it. Plus one of the other girls in my class got me an iron from the thrift store.(My class loves me)

Work is absolutely ridiculous. My boss opened the "Second side" of the restaurant, we now have the same amount of cooks, who still don't speak english, cooking for 2 restaurant. And all but 3 of the wait staff is new and don't know how to do their job, so I'm trying to run 2 restaurants by myself of the weekends while my boss naps all day, my stress levels are through the roof of weekends.

I've been getting to school at 6 am and studying in the mornings, which is glorious. It's probably one of my favorite part of the day. I sit there and enjoy my breakfast and re-write my notes and relax. It's great.

Rene might have a job, in the bakery at save-on ironically, they told him at the interview that he just had to pass the criminal record check. I really really hope that he gets that job. If he does we won't be living "Tip-out to tip-out"(I'd kill for pay-check to pay-check.

Did I mention that I love school?

Plus halloween is a few days!!!!!!!! Best time of the year ever! I LOVE DRESS UP!


Sandy said...

Hang in there, Q! Sounds like you're handling it ok, though. And I agree. Halloween ROCKS.