Sunday, December 13, 2009

What I've learned from nutrition class..

I'm not sure if I've imparted this knowledge, but as a part of my school, I've been taking a nutrition class since September. I finished it near the beginning of December. I must say I've learned so so much from this class. Here is the summary of what I've learned:

-We need to start eating organ meats, especially liver. So many good things in it.
-We also need to eat more leafy greens(Cooked ones though)
-I've learned lots of information about the different vitamins, and mineral.
-I've learned why the vitamins were named like they were(I know why they didn't use the whole alphabet now!)

One big thing I've learned, is that the Canadian Food guide is not right. They change their standards almost yearly, something changes almost every year. So I no longer feel bad that I don't trust them.

I've decided that one the whole world adopts ONE food guide, that is when I will trust it. But I believe this will never happen. I truly think that every person should have their own food guide. Everyone is different. Everyone should eat different!