Thursday, January 7, 2010

It was about a year ago...

That I was really really sick. So sick that the doctors wanted me to stay at the hospital and get numerous saline IVs because I was dehydrated. But well enough that when my dad demanded he was taking me home, they said okay, but made him promise to bring me back for a billion more blood tests.

So that means that it was almost a year ago that I discouvered the wonderful Nourishing traditions, and became somewhat obsessed.

So in a way, I'm so very happy I was so sick a year ago, because if I hadn't been I wouldn't have stayed home from work and looked at a million blogs speaking praises to the book.

The reason I'm thinking about this is because, I'm sick right now(I have a terrible immune system). I should be sleeping, and I am tired, but I just don't want to be asleep right now. So I'm biding my time by writing a post on my phone. :) Then I will go to bed.

Anyways, thank you to all the wonderful people who's blogs have so inspired me over the past year to be a better, healthier person. Really, thank you.

Now I can go to bed.


Sandy said...

Q, first of all, get better! Second of all, is the title "Nourishing Traditions"? Would you list the author, please? My immune system has always been touchy as well. I'm interested.

Q said...

Sally fallon, it's a great book, just remember when you first read it to take what it says with a grain of salt.

And thanks for the get better wishes!

Sandy said...

Q, thanks. I'll check it out.