Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hey, how are things?

Things are good. Rene and I are getting along fantastically(for the most part). My hair looks good, especially after I got it cut a few days ago. I've managed to keep myself from wasting too much(I wish I could say the same for Rene, but his friend is here from out of town and his friend is terrible and doesn't respect anything that I'm doing(including recycling and locking the door when he leaves)). I'm happy. Things a good.

There is one thing that isn't good.

I should be working.

I'm not.

I'm supposed to "start" working tomorrow, and I will be, but I haven't told my boss that I am looking for another job as well. I won't lie, I feel terrible about it, but what can you do really. I'm hoping I get this other job I applied for, it's closer to home so I could walk, and it's working at a pub, so I know my hours will closely match Renes' which will help lots.

So I'm headed into town tomorrow(Job permitting) to go to the fabric store for some fabrics. I want to make my own "Meat bags" You know the little plastic bag that they insist on wrapping your freshly bought chicken, beef and pork in at the store so that it doesn't contaminate your other food. I'm hoping to find something to make my own out of. And I have to finish making a bunch of produce bags for my mum who bought tons of fabric for it last year and I'm a lazy sac and have just let it all sit there for the past 12 months or so.

Anyways I feel like my time on the internet is up for now. I have to go home.