Sunday, September 20, 2009

In order to further elaborate...

To elaborate on my last post.

I'm going to be parking my car tonight at my aunts farm outside of Edmonton, and un-insuring it.

The idea started the other night when I was talking to my mum about how it's a little bit of a waste right now, I'm paying $120 a month to keep in insured, and the last time I used it in the past 2 months was to drive my sister to the fricken bus station, and the bus didn't even come. So to be honest, the $240 I spent in those past 2 months was definitely not worth all of the trouble.(Although I did use my car yesterday to take 3 boxes of stuff to the salvation army, because I know my car is leaving me soon, otherwise... it would have sat there for another few months because I am that lazy)

So even though, for every possible angle I look at it, it's positive(Minus the fact that I can just pick up and drive to kimberley if I want to(I don't have the money for that ANYWAYS)) I'm still apprehensive about it. This will be the first time, since I've been old enough to drive, that I haven't had a car.

You may ask why I just don't sell it. Simply I'm not ready for it yet. I do worry that something will happen and I will need to get home on short notice, and in that case I can always get someone to drop me off at my car, and get a temp insurance. I doubt that will be the case. But I probably will end up selling the car. Eventually. I just need to covet it a little bit longer I think.

Big changes.

Big for me at least.


Aubrey said...

good for you! I think I would probably do the car is sooo old my insurance is only 6 bucks a month. haha...thanks for the comment! I would love to find that cabin again...sweet memories!