Monday, September 7, 2009

The joys of toothsoap

My sister was here last week visiting, it was really good to have her here, but at the same time it's nice to have the apartment, and time, back.

I've been using soap for brushing my teeth for about a month now. And right off the bat I'm going to tell you that I love it!

I will admit, I was a little bit skeptical about it at first, I mean, I remember when kids were threatened to have "Their mouths washed out with soap" in the movies. It seemed like unusually cruel punishment. AND JUST PLAIN WRONG!

So you'll understand how scared I was the first time I got "Ye olde toothbrushe" wet and rubbed it on a fresh bar of "Olive oil" soap from the organic store. I mean come-on, this stuff is meant for washing my butt, not my teeth. In all honesty though... I wasn't really that bad. It did taste a little bit soapy, but over all... there was really no taste at all... So it passed the first test. I didn't want to gag after using it. And it did pass the second test as well. My teeth felt delightfully glossy after the brush down. Next I just had to see if it would pass the final test. Would my teeth rot out of my head after a month or so?

I'm happy to say I no longer need to brush ever again because I no longer have teeth

Just kidding. Actually I think my teeth are in better shape now than when I started. I had a few "Light" spots on some of my teeth(Like 2 of them) which are going away.

So a few weeks ago(after a week of already using soap) I found this shop on etsy which is run by a wonderful gal who will answer ANY of the questions you have about her products. She's great. Who just so happens to be selling toothsoap. IN A CONVENIENT 4 PACK NO LESS! Which means 4 different flavors. Perfect. I just got mine last week. I'm using the "Original" flavor first. It's not quite what I imagined it would taste like. But I'm getting used to it.

And all the negative things I've read about toothpaste and all the crap that's in it has only made this all the more easier.


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

And just the fact that something I'm sticking in my mouth says "DO NOT SWALLOW" "SUPERVISE YOUR CHILDRENS AROUND THIS!"

Just seems wrong.


I love toothsoap!

And if you are even the tiniest bit interested in using it but don't want to totally commit, go buy a fresh bar of soap with ingredients you can read all the names of, and give it a try. If you don't like it, use the new soap in the shower. No harm no foul right?

All you do is get your tooth brush wet, bush the bristles across the soap a few times and then brush like you normally do.

On a side note:
Some sites suggest using something to "Buff" the yellow out of your teeth once and a while. I've been brushing with baking soda on Monday mornings after I do my normal brush. It's working so far.


aubrey said...

funny post! But very true! I don't use toothpaste anymore, I use Bsoda...haven't tried "toothsoap" But I shall! Maybe I'll to a post afterwards...if I'm not gagging;)