Tuesday, June 29, 2010

3 weeks sans computer, and lovin it

I would apologize for not posting for the past few weeks, but I'm not going to, 1 because no one wants to hear it, and 2 because I'm not sorry.

The reason I haven't posted on here in almost 3 weeks is that we turned our computer off after I made my last post and simply haven't found a need to turn it on yet.

It acutally started out as a dare to Rene, He had the day off work and I simply said "I bet you can't leave the computer turned off all day, you'll go crazy." so he left it off, and I said the same thing the next day. And we just haven't turned it back on yet. We don't need to. My phone connects to the internet and so does the wii(I'm on the wii right now).

I think we're both happy with it, I haven't really felt the need to turn it on.(Rene just reminded me that skype is on the computer, which is what he calls his mum on)

With all the extra time I've had from not being on the computer at all, I've been reading alot, and the library is my best friend(I have 6 books out right now, and I think I've started a book a day habbit) One of the books I read was "Your money or your life" which Frugal+Urban suggested on her blog(The link is over on the right, great blog, go take a peak) GREAT GREAT GREAT book, Love it. Going to be following it. I actutally went a scoured the secondhand book stores in the area for it, and found it for 10 dollars(Which is something the authors would be proud of I think. And I'm making Rene read it. It's something I feel like I can stand behind.

If you are at all interested it's something worth taking a look at, and maybe a quick read through.

Also, Audrey, if you read this, I did sign up for ravelry, you should email me and I will tell you my account name. :)

Till next time my friends


Anonymous said...

I respect you so much for turning off the computer for an extended length of time! I stopped using Twitter and Facebook and haven't looked back. Enjoy your newfound time :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah--and thanks so much for the kind words about my blog! Yours is pretty great too :)