Monday, August 3, 2009

Changes and updates

I changed the name of my blog.... :3

I like this one a little bit more.(It's just Qute-er is all)

An update on our no spending and all that jazz.

We've spent no money yet(Wow, made it a whole 3 days) We have bought groceries though. I think this no spend thing is going to be really good for us because... well to be honest... We have no money. I'm only working part time, and Rene still hasn't had any luck with a job. It's pretty sad, but even if I didn't spend a dollar this next month, I'd still have to borrow money from my mother... Whom I love very very much and think is the best...

So. Not spending can only help.

In the kitchen.

I made the best loaf of sourdough today(well I baked it today) It's not SUPER dense like all my other loafs have turned out... I used a lot less flour than was called for, so I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it... Whatever it was, it worked!

So I had poached eggs and bread(I didn't want to toast it, it was so fresh and delicious) for breakfast, and just a bowl of yogurt for lunch, dinner was fresh, cabbage and pork soup.(I'm going to put some pictures up tomorrow. It's dark right now and I'm tire) It was delicious! I actually want some more soup right now. :P I'll have a banana instead.

I'm going to make some more pita bread tomorrow, so that We can have pita bread pizzas later in the week when the soup runs out. I'm excited to make them again.

In terms of laundry things are going good. There are only 2 very very small hiccups in the plan. 1 is that we can't squeeze all the juice out of out clothes so they are wet for a LOOOOOOONG time(It doesn't help that it's so darned cold not smoking hot out everyday now. I can't come up with something that we already have that we can use. If we had a real mop bucket that would work, and I can't really come up with a way of making one with what we have... Something will come up... It's just not coming right at this moment. The other thing is: everything feels kinda stiff, I think this is partially because of all the water that is in the clothes when they go out to dry. I can fix it a little bit by smashing my clothes around a bit when I take them off the line. They just aren't all fluffy like when you dry them in the dryer, Or even when they get washed in the washer... I'm going to figure this one out. It's not that I care THAT much about it, It's just so much of a challenge now. I want to figure it out. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I used to use a very similar clothes washing routine when I lived in Montreal and it was so frickin' freezing and the laundromat was 3 blocks away and we had no money . . .

For the stiffness, is it possible you're using too much detergent? It might be hard to rinse it super well in the tub, due to the not squeezing every drop out before the rinse load. Just a thought, but our clothes that we line dry (though machine wash) are always a *little* stiff.

As for the drying, if I ever had something I really needed dry for the next morning, I would place my damp (wet!) item on a dry towel, roll it up and then squeeze the roll really well. This works well for things like sweaters & so on. And then putting a fan on it overnight usually does the trick.

If I have any more thoughts I'll post them later!

Oh, and as for bread, I'm going to be trying "Sourdough Bread in Five Minutes A Day"--my own merging of techniques. If it gives me a less dense loaf than I usually get with my sourdough, we might be on to something! I do think higher hydration helps though. I'll let you know, but your bread looks beautiful!