Monday, August 10, 2009

Hong Kong Phoey

My little Vietnamese boss LOVES ME and so does his wife.

Working for them is pretty damned cool the only thing I don't like is that their restaurant is DISGUSTING. And when I say Disgusting I mean it. I can handle some pretty dirty stuff. Any holy lots of waste. It kills me.

Either way. He's told me that if I ever have trouble with bills to tell him and he will help me, which is so sweet. He's a good guy.

He was also telling me about when he left Vietnam, he was on a boat for 7 days and all they had for food and drink was a tablespoon of water at night and in the morning. Jeeze!

ON to Other news!

I made pitas the other day.

I LOVE making these, you pop em in the hot oven and watch them for like 2 minutes and they get all puffy. Sometimes they look like they are going to explode like in the cartoons when characters are blowing bubble gum and it ends up all over the place.

Yeah. Pitas are the best.

We made pizzas with them after

Very yummy.

OH! And I finally managed to make a "dispenser" for my butt wipes (:P)

I've tired to make a smaller one for my nose wipes, but I didn't put a bottom on it so it just doesn't work. But I found a good way to cut out the box so next time I have some cardboard for recycling, I can make a good one for the nose wipes.

Right now we just pull them from the pile, but because they are flannel they really stick to each other. It frustrates me to no end when all I want it one and I get a string of 98 of the little suckers!

Has anyone heard of Retire your ride?

It seems like a cool idea. I would like to retire my ride, but I still need my beauty of a neon, plus I think the insurance company might be peeved since they just paid for like 9000 bucks worth of repairs in the past year.(Neither time was my fault. I wasn't even in the car for the one time)

ANYWAYS I'm rambling.

I'm going to bed.