Friday, August 28, 2009

The ice cream turned out!

It's really really really good.

So I have been lacking in the whole nourishing thing the past few days.

We had pizza from pizza hut the other night. What a terrible idea to be honest. We both waited until it was way too late and we were both way too hungry.

I was full too quickly and I was hungry again way too quickly.

I was looking for a snack 2 hours later. That's not right at all. When I eat properly. So lesson learned right? So to fix this I've got a yummy smelling pot of potato leek soup on the stove, and I'm going to try to get a lamb shepherds pie started for sunday(I think Rene and I are going to be working opposite shifts at work on sunday, so we are going to have to eat at work. Ugh. Unless I can pack something easy for us before.... like the end of tonight... probably not.(but that's not sayin' I won't try)

We've managed to buckle our drying rack... Which sucks, because now one side doesn't support anything except socks... and I dunno if I have that many socks. But we are making it work. I've been trying to do my laundry every few days to make sure there is less stuff to stack on that thing. Rene is a just a lazy boy(Which I don't blame him for) so he lets his stuff pile up.

I've started writing letters again, I know it's not really very good for the environment, but it's very good for my heart. I love writing letters, and now that Feline(a very very very good friend of mine) is in japan, I'll defiantly be writing her more often, for the support. It's a hard place to be a foreigner.

I'm starting to get very excited to go to school again. And my sister is coming up here to visit next week so things are on the up and up.

Now if Rene can just get hired somewhere, life will be grand!