Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thus far...

First I ignore my blog for a week then I go on a mad posting spree!

So I just feel like giving an update on my OUR green/healthy lifestyle choices.

We Do:

~Recycle(Again... everyone is doing this, and if they aren't... what is wrong with you?)
~Eat locally with the exception of spices and a some grains(Even our milk abides by the 100 mile diet rules now)
~Eat as nourishing a possible without torturing ourselves.
~Never turn on the lights(We have bees wax candles)
~Use the Diva Cup(Rene doesn't do this... I think)
~Get rid of things we don't use anymore to clear up clutter
~Not use shampoo
~Not use tooth-products(Thought I was gonna say paste didn't you?) with SLS or Flouride. Rene isn't ready for the soap jump. His choice.
~Not use "one time use" paper products(With the exception of toilet paper for numero dos)
~Rarely use the car(the only time we use it really is to go to my uncles house, but we haven't been there in over a month... I'm a terrible niece)
~Clean our laundry by hand
~No chemicals in our apartment(Vinegar and baking soda clean our house(With the occasional shot of hydrogen peroxide)
~Keep all electronics unplugged

We are Trying:

~To buy all of our food at the farmers market(Damn milk is messing this whole thing up)
~To only spend money on things that we NEED(In other words... food)
~To use the "Drip water" from our tub for our laundry and watering the plants(if they would just fix it we would have to worry about this at all)

We Want to:

~Compost(we really want a worm compost)
~I know there are other things we want to do but I can't think of them

My brain isn't really working right anymore so I'm going to stop this list right here.

Hopefully it inspires someone to try something new.


aubrey said...

Hi thank you for following...I would be happy to send you a kombucha starter...I should have another one ready in another week. you can email your address to