Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm so hardcore I should just dress in mud!

THAT IS RIGHT! I'm super hardcore. And when I say that I should let you know, I mean I'm a hardcore cyclist now. :)

I started biking to school at the beginning of march(You know, when there wasn't snow on the ground in Edmonton) which was SO SO SO amazing. I would bike to school at 5:30 am and then go and sit in the sauna for like 30 minutes, have a shower then do some homework and go to class. You can't even imagine how great you feel after all that. I LOVED IT. But now that school is over I don't have a sauna to sit in every morning, so I've been biking to work which takes me... maybe 10 or 15 minutes depending on where I have to stop for lights and stuff like that.

I must say, biking is SO much better than taking the bus. I always end up with a nasty headache whenever I take the bus to the mall and back home, but when I bike I just feel... well not great, but a lot better. :)

I just wish that driving on the road wasn't so darned scary. People from Edmonton DO NOT like to share the road.