Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What is up with Q?

I'm glad you asked. :)

-I'm working now, at a chocolate shop, which is exactly where I wanted to be right now, so I'm very very pleased with that. My boss is crazy, but it's okay, I'm pretty sure I won't even have to see her in like a week.

-I HAVEN'T USED SHAMPOO IN OVER A YEAR! Awesome. My hair feels AMAZING. And I used some henna dye a few weeks ago, it's all washed out now, but it did a GREAT job. I loved it.

-I quit taking birth control. I'm now using the billings ovulation method. I'm not FULLLLLLY using it yet because of my system being all messed up from taking the pill before, but it's starting to come around. :) I feel more in control of my emotions now which is nice.

-The only "personal hygiene" product I use is moisturizer, and only because I already owned them, once I'm out I'm going to be making my own.

-I'm still continuing to be awesome.