Sunday, May 23, 2010

My hikers :)

I love my hiking boots. :)

I was walking to the store in them the other day while it was raining and the poor things were like a sieve, I haven't waterproofed them in about 3 years. I got some water proofing and cured that lickety-split.

I've had my hikers since I was 14, almost 10 years now.

They are still in great shape.

They have lived though lots, a summer of mowing grass at a golf course, which gave me a very weird tan line on my ankles :)

I used to wear them to the ski hill everyday, just untied.

They used to go though shoe laces like they were going out of style, but when I was younger my aunt gave me a pair of leather shoe laces, and I haven't had to change them since. They did break once, but I was able to tie them back together.

They still look fairly new for the most part, they do not look 10 years old.

They are still comfortable, very.

They are awesome.

I'm so happy that my mum insisted I get some nice leather hikers instead of some crappy cheap fabric ones which were "cooler" I've probably saved around $1000 NOT buying hikers over the years, plus... well I haven't been buying hikers and we all know how green no buying stuff is. :)

Do you own anything that you've had for years and still love?


Sandy said...

I own the enamel-top kitchen table (and the rest of the set) that my mother had when I was growing up. I remember drawing under one piece with a crayon when I was a toddler. I did so many drawings on that table...the metal surface was great for pencil drawings. I adore it. I'll never give it up.