Friday, July 3, 2009

Ohhhhhhh my tummy

I am currently on vacation with my family in Hawaii(I know I know, I don't wanna hear about it) and I AM DYING! We have been eating out a lot and cooking here, the only thing is. It's not any of the "Nourishing" foods my tummy is used to. So I am not feeling the greatest to tell the truth. It's impressive how quickly you get used to good food when it's around, and how spoiled you are for the crappy food there is around you when you don't have the choice.

On the plus side, the local grocery store sells a lot of organic foods so I've been buying some of that for myself and eating it when no one is looking(My family thinks I'm a freak now since I don't wash my hair or eat sugar(Which has completely gone out the window lately)) and I have found kombucha and will be making it once I get home, moved and settled. It's great, I did't think that I would be a fan of it when I heard about how it can have a sour taste to it, but I was wrong, and me oh my is it ever refreshing when it's hot out. MMmMMmMM.

Anyways, apparently I'm sitting in the wrong seat as my sister keeps walking past me and sighing as loudly as she can, so I'm going go get ready to go home!(as much as I love vacations, I love being home and I am missing Rene so very much!)