Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just thought I'd drop by

I haven't been posting lately because I finally have a job. I'm a cashier at Safeway. I haven't actually started real work yet. I'm just training.


I've been eating mostly nourishing food. Right now we are very very very strapped for money, so we are just making sure to eat fresh food, not necessarily organic. Rene actually enjoys the bread that I make, so he's been eating that too. And we found some wonderful cheese from the organic store just down the street. It's very close to the flavor of Oka, so I love it.

I was catching up on my reading and I saw that Rachel at simple notebook wrote up a post on making Kombucha It's a very informative post! I'm really excited about it because she explains how she grew her own SCOBY. I'm going to be sure to try this as soon as I can get my hands on.... everything you need to make it. We don't have sugar in our house, nor do we have black tea, and I need more money to make it okay to buy these, BUT! It will happen and I will drink Kombucha fresh from my fridge!