Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a smartie pants!

I had a total revelation this morning. And it's ALL thanks to no impact man! I was looking at his recent posts and one of them is about the documentary movie of his that is coming out soon(Which I'm super excited about) and while I was watching the preview it shows a quick clip of his whole family stomping around in the tub, and it looked like they were cleaning clothes, which gave me a revelation, WE COULD DO THAT! You see in our wonderful new living arrangement, you have to pay 2 freaken dollars to wash your clothes and I'm not okay with that, that is a lot of money man. I've been looking at the costs of getting a portable washing machine, but the cheapest one I saw so far is 200-ish dollars, but that's in american... and I frankly don't have that kinda money, so I'd like to introduce you to my new washing machine:

She's a bute. :3 Best part... NO electricity. Just the water I need to wash and rinse the clothes.

I'll update you all how this experiment goes...

... I still don't have a job...

My pickles are... coming along... I'm assuming... It is very hard having to wait to eat them. I really really want to try them. I'm just hoping the little system I have going here isn't going to kill us... I know it's open, but there aren't any bugs in out apartment. So it should be alright. Right?

I've got 2 days of nourishing eating under my belt. My tummy feels great. My broth turned out great. I've discovered a great new snack, A cup of broth with salt and pepper and a small handful of green onions. Yummy. It was really nice. Rene even liked it.

We are going to be participating in the buy nothing challenge:

Buy Nothing Challenge - August 2009

This should be interesting for Rene and I, but I think it will be a good thing for us. Teach us not to buy stuff so impulsively and whatnot. And we will eat out, Plus if we don't find jobs.... we are gonna have to play "Buy nothing for the rest of our lives challenge cause we are living on the street now challenge."


I'm a positive person I swear....